My New Year’s Resolutions #LiveLagom


How excited was I to receive an email in October, from Ikea saying…‘Thanks for applying to join our Live LAGOM project, we’re delighted to welcome you aboard’

I felt like I had won the lottery 🙂 I was on the project or should I say ‘we’ were on the project. The ‘we’ is a family of four – Paul, myself, Nadia and Orla (both teens).

We have always recycled, have solar panels on our roof, insulated our home, take a shower rather than bathe and turn the lights off when exiting a room (well I do!) but I knew there was more we could be doing; hence the application to Ikea to not only live a more sustainable lifestyle but to have ‘permission’ to change the way we live and adopt some healthier habits.

Resolutions #REDUCE WASTE

I hate waste of any sort so this year is all about reducing #waste


#Energy Reduction 012916_2210_NewYearReso3.jpg

Changing over all the light bulbs to LED ones is top priority, putting timers on plugs to set start/stop times for charging gadgets, putting on/off the Rug Buddy (TM) in the morning and evening and for setting the slow cooker on/off whilst I am at work. Turn all lights, computers and TV off when not in use and not to leave them on stand-by. Open all curtains and blinds during the day to let warmth in and then close at dusk to keep the heat in; layer up with extra throws on beds, rugs on floors and doubling up on curtains over large patio doors.


#Food Wastage

Even though I wrote and delivered the training for Leicestershire Love Food Hate Waste programme, we still waste food! I love cooking and experimenting with food and as a tutor I am always trying new dishes before I let them loose on my students; however my family aren’t so keen plus with two teens who may be in to eat or might not, food wastage is a problem.

I write a shopping list, plan the week out with meals and shop accordingly but the weakness are the BOGOFs and ÂŁ1 bargains and ‘treats’ that appear in the shopping trolley. I plan to reduce the amount of food we buy, store it correctly, freeze leftovers or make them into other meals and be more aware of what we have in the cupboards. The biggest commitment is to only go shopping once a week (eek) before I would go every other day.

I love foraging in the fields behind us so plan on doing more of it in 2016.

New pots and pans are on the shopping list as I usually buy cheap ones that I have to replace after a year not very #LiveLagom.



I love to grow my own vegetables and have dabbled with growing potatoes in sacks, tomatoes in buckets, herbs in pots on the windowsill and saving seeds from vegetables. This year I want to plan out the garden with some raised beds to accommodate all the seeds I have been collecting and grow a selection vegetables, beans, salad and potatoes. Paul collects wooden pallets on his travels to burn in our log burner but I would really like them to make the raised beds, compost bin and bug hotel to encourage wildlife into the garden. I think I may have to hide some pallets!

Bug Hotel







#Recycling & Upcycling

We have a dedicated area for recycling which we installed when we redesigned the kitchen but I would like to be able to reduce the amount we recycle by not buying it in the first place or upcycling/ reusing it for something else. I reuse glass jars for left over beans, nuts, pasta and seeds but I am sure we could reuse more items.


This is going to be the hardest to crack as I live with three ‘Clutter Bugs’ who hoard things and do not like clearing out. Paul works from home so his paperwork is filled or not filled away, at home. I can’t wait to attack the garage which still has boxes from when we moved six years ago!

#Project LiveLagom

2016-01-04 12.47.06

So Project #LiveLagom 2016 begins and I for one cannot wait to see the changes. What do I want to get out of this project? Save money, spread the word, less of the ‘throw away society’ and more upcycling. Smart Family motto is ‘Less is More’.



Want to find out more…

#LiveLagom – LFHW Rugbuddy


Left Over Biscuits

So today was20160102_193246.jpg my daughter’s birthday and I decided to clear out the cupboards in the kitchen!

Why I hear you cry…good question, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I came across packets of half opened biscuits which no-one was going to eat as they were. Now I am doing the #LiveLagom project with Ikea and Hubbub I couldn’t just throw them out or feed them to the birds which I would have done before, I had to reuse them somehow.

A quick blast in the ‘whizzer’ and they were all breadcrumb biscuits. There were loads so I put some in a freezer bag and used the rest to make a fruity cheesecake.


Broken Biscuits

Cream Cheese

Thick Double Cream or Crème Fraiche

Selection of Fruit

Vanilla Essence


Put a good helping of the broken biscuits into a dish or a recycled jar.

In a separate bowl mix two dessert spoons of cream cheese with two dessert spoons of cream or crème fraiche and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence. Mix well. Spoon on top of the biscuit mix.

Top with a selection of fruit.

Enjoy as a pudding or breakfast.