#LiveLagom The Story So Far…

Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun!

Well we are half way through the project but it many ways it seems like only yesterday it started. So much has happened in a short space of time but we still have a long way to go to make big changes and of course it doesn’t end when the project ends. Sustainability is a way of life.

What has changed?

Lets start on the positive, what has changed as a result of engaging in the project…My first New Years Resolution was to REDUCE WASTE and had bought a lot of IKEA products to do this.


LED light bulbs were top of the list and after a good couple of hours, an electrician and lots of cups of tea later we were the proud owners of new lights.  Although too early to see what impact it has on costs, all the indicators and research suggest it will and I am loving all my new lights and bulbs though.

LED bulbs
A lot of LED Light Bulbs!

2016-01-11 13.04.50My eldest daughter has always wanted lights around a mirror a bit like actors have in their dressing room: enter MUSIK and 5 x LEDARE LED bulbs stage left. It has made a massive difference to a very dark corner of the bedroom where she can now work, do make-up, homework and see! The only down side was my other daughter decided she liked it so much that she wanted one too! (Cost me more money Ikea!) The end results though are amazing and I would like one in our bedroom when we get round to sorting that out.


Star Wars has landed


We also bought a new LED light IKEA PS2014 to replace an LED light which had succumbed to a leak (long story!) in the lounge. I chose the ‘Star Wars’ inspired one, this is by far the most ‘Show Stopping’ light that everyone comments on. It looks fantastic whether in daylight or night, on or off 🙂


Old v new bulbs and lights


It is amazing how much heat the old lights gave off and the LED ones don’t, this is really noticeable in the kitchen which has six bulbs and stretches across the ceiling. Previously you could feel the heat on your head but now you can’t.

The four pronged silver light (middle row, left in the picture), which we bought from Ikea years ago was a real bulb eater and we were having to replace a bulb every 5 or 6 weeks and we have two of them, since replacing them with LED bulbs I haven’t had to change any lights bulbs. It will be interesting to see how long the LED bulbs last.

FOOD WASTAGE was a big area I wanted to concentrate on and this has been a big success both in time and money!  See my blog on reducing food waste!This week it’s all about the food!

My lovely new pans


I ordered 2 x SENSUELL cooking pans along with a STABIL steamer and STABIL boiling insert and I can honestly say these have been the best things I have bought.

Less water used to cook vegetables and pasta, less cooking times, less hobs being used as everything can go in a pan and I can cook two lots of pasta at the same time (hubbie is gluten-free). All round fantastic.

I also ordered 1 x large and 2 x large FORTROLIG glass food containers with lids. The two smaller ones have been really useful to take my lunch to work, store leftovers in fridge or freezer or to make lasagne, cottage pie etc in. The larger one is fine for cooking large batches of food. The only product we haven’t used and thought we would , is the EFTERFRAGAD food vacuum flask. I bought this thinking my husband would use it to take hot food on the road with him…wrong!



As well as reducing food wastage I also wanted to increase the amount we grow as a family. Winter is not the best time to start growing and planting outside so I have been dabbling with growing on the window sill.

I have grown on scraps from carrots, cabbage base, celery hearts lemon pip, and beetroot base which historically I would have thrown away. Admittedly it is slow progress but watching them grow has been amazing. I bought 2 x BITTERGURKA hanging planters to hang in our dining area. I love these but practicality has been a challenge. They could do with an insert with holes in it that you can pull out. I can’t put soil straight into it as it wouldn’t be able to drain anywhere and the roots would rot, plant pots don’t sit in there comfortably and I am forever watering them to keep them moist (fine in winter but will dry out instantly when it is warm).

I have also attended a Master Composter course and started composting to a) help with waste management and b) make my own compost to grow plants in. Please see attached blog  Why we should all be Composting… to find out more. 20160219_143745

Roll on spring when we can get in the garden and start planting fruit and vegetables!

NOTE: For anyone interesting in building their own wormery: the SAMLA box in black with a lid and fishing worms makes a great homemade version! IMG_1835 - Copy





We have had some moderate success in this area although the amount going out to be collected in the recycle bins is still the same!

I have started to upcycle items though and have attended an ‘Upcycling Furniture Class’ recently through the council. I used an IKEA stool to paint 🙂

I am now doing the same with an IKEA wooden shoe rack using the homemade chalk paint and techniques learnt on the course. Check out my blog…

Learning Saturday…


I have also made a couple of MORSBAGS (initiative to stop using plastic bags), one from a new IKEA shower curtain I picked up at a charity shop and another from an old curtain; as well as a teddy from a sock with the lovely Julie Peasgood at an exhibition on crafts. I also picked up a rag rug tool and some hessian so that is my next project using up old T-shirts and clothes.

So for anyone with a load of odd socks as I always seem to have, this is a great way of using them up 😉

morsbags-label-2015For more information on Morsbags go to http://www.morsbags.com and find a ‘Pod’ near you or download the instructions and make your own.


For information on making the Sock Teddy go to http://www.craftbeggars.tv



There have been two products that need some mention as they have really transformed our lives in this Live Lagom project. Drum Roll…

The ADUM high pile rug, in plum, has made a massive difference to our lounge and how cosy it is. The colour is fab but more importantly feels lovely underfoot! However the star prize goes to the cheapest product we bought: SKVALPA dustpan and broom at £6 is brilliant. I have had dustpan and broom like this before but they were a lot smaller, the base wouldn’t lay flat on the floor or it would break due to the plastic. This has done none of those things, it is brilliant. Saves getting the hoover out, using electricity and with the big base; it hold a lot of fluff and crumbs.

Well I have definitely gone over the word count but I couldn’t leave anything out…needless to say I am enjoying the project 🙂



3 thoughts on “#LiveLagom The Story So Far…

  1. This is very enlightening Joolz. So many simple and cheap changes making such a difference without too much effort. If only we were all better educated at a younger age, we might not have done so much damage to our planet. Well done ☺


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