Is it the end…or just the beginning? #LiveLAGOM

Dear #Live LAGOM project

Let me start by saying thank you for selecting me and my family to be part of this project, I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it. The family less so!

Gosh has it really been six months since the project started…I feel we are only just scratching the surface.

When I filled in the questionnaire for Ikea at the beginning of the project, these are the responses I gave to the following two questions.

11. What is the main reason that you have made or want to make changes to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle?

To stop wasting food, resources, energy and money

12. And what would you say is the main reason why it’s difficult to make changes?


Teenagers who want ‘stuff’

‘Throw-away society’

Lets see if we have achieved these as a result of trying to live a more sustainable life for the past 6 months.

Final Results and Savings


Saving money was high on our agenda…

#Saving Number 1: We have just had correspondence from e-on (who we have dual-fuel with) and they are reducing our direct debit from £118/month to £76/month. Ok the warmer weather has kicked in and we would expect to see a drop in our payments but this is some decrease! Time will tell over the year whether we have achieved our goal and by how much…

The complete change over to LED light bulbs around the house, adding blankets and throws to beds & sofas for warmth, rugs to floors, double curtains, sealing all windows with draught excluder and using the wood burner (hubbie collects FREE pallets to chop up and burn) instead of heating the whole house has all added to this result. Plus not having to change the light bulbs every month has saved loads of dosh!

#Saving Number 2: I have managed to get our monthly food bill down by £40-£50.

Planning meals and portion sizes, using left overs up, using things up out the freezer, only shopping once a week and buying things we need rather than what ‘we want’. It does mean we have had times when the girls have said ‘but there is NOTHING to eat’ followed by the big roll of the eyes…meaning there is nothing we can snack on that is quick and out of a packet. We/they have never starved though 🙂 The other area that has really helped reduce the amount of wastage is starting a compost bin. Looking at the raw food mounting up in the kitchen collection bin is a real ‘in your face’ eye opener!

#Saving Number 3: I am consciously trying to re-use, upcycle, repurpose anything we have in the house or garage before we buy new. This includes wood for a new decking area, a new shelving/ wardrobe unit in our bedroom which was becoming an eye sore with the amount of clutter it was attracting. Using decoupage as a technique for updating an old tired set of drawers and making my own chalk paint for distressing furniture.

#Saving Number 4: I have adopted principle ‘Make do and Mend’ before buying any new clothes or bags. I have set up the sewing machine (we had already) in my workshop to mend or alter clothes. I look in charity shops first to pick up quality clothes at a fraction of the cost and then dye them, change the buttons or change them in some form. This has been great fun!


#Saving Number 5; I have started to make my own natural cleaning products using vinegar, lemon and rosemary. I am currently delivering a course for the local housing association and as part of this I had all the learners making their own products. They all came back and raved about how good and effective it is at getting grease off so I thought I had better try it…works a treat 🙂


#Saving Number 6: Is a little unexpected but we have managed to reduce the amount we are putting in the recycling bins and the garden waste we put in the green bin.

Recycling reduction is due to the fact I am keeping a lot of it in my workshop to either use for myself or as part of my classes. We have been reusing tins as planters after covering them with left over wallpaper, using large yogurt pots as bug hotels and glass jars for storing food, beans, lentils, buttons, beads etc…etc… Plastic bottles are being used as cloches in the garden for my lettuce plants.

Garden Waste reduction is as a result of doing my Master Composting course (our local council are now charging for green bin collection so I am hoping to cancel the collection completely next year saving £50). We now compost everything or if they are large pieces…save it to burn in our wood burner. Alternatively it is used for bug hotels.

Reflections and Learning

  • I think the biggest learning throughout this project was that small changes can make a big difference and it doesn’t have to be about buying things (although it certainly helped initially).
  • Buying quality is better than buying quantity
  • We, as a society, waste so much without a thought to the consequences, resources and alternatives.
  • Plastic is used for everything and really hard to get away from.
  • A little change to some bad habits can result in a difference mind set.
  • It doesn’t take long to make savings
  • Having the support and Facebook network has been invaluable to keep the momentum and enthusiasm going.
  • Taking photos, keeping a diary/ blog helps to keep the focus and put you back on track.
  • Having the family involved really helps
  • Anything is possible…daughter tidying her drawers without being told, hubbie looking at what we have to use rather than what we need to buy

What was your favourite part? What could be better?

This is really hard for me to answer because I have honestly loved everything about the project. I have decided to pick a Top Five favourite parts instead…

Coming in at Number 5: Meeting the other #Live LAGOM people at the first meeting

Number 4: Selecting the goods with the help of the lovely Kerry in Nottingham

Number 3: Exploring other sustainability areas such as composting, visiting a recycling site and MBT facility

Number 2: Seeing savings in a relatively short space of time

Coming in as the Number 1 favourite part is the Hydroponics prototype I received…I absolutely loved the whole growing experience, warts and all. Even though I have only mastered growing in the nursery kit so far 😉

NOTE: A late addition to the best bits but a Bertie bonus was my daughter decluttering her drawers over the weekend…little steps…

A tidy drawer 🙂


Which products worked best and which didn’t?

I think most of the products we selected worked well for our needs but it was the middle of winter so saving money & keeping warm were high on the agenda where as now we might have selected differently.

Before and after ADAM high pile rug
IKEA PS 2014 Star Wars inspired
LED bulbs
Selection of LED Bulbs
VAXER series










SENSUELL series and FORTROLIG storage










My Top 5 products are as follows:

Number 5: Adam High Pile rug, lovely colour and has made a big difference to the warmth in the lounge. Even next doors dog loves it!

Number 4: IKEA PS 2014 Star Wars inspired light has the real wow factor and works really well in our lounge. The fact you can make it bright/dull makes a difference to the whole ambiance in the room. Love it.

Number 3: Changing over all the bulbs to LED ones has been a major saver all round. Less energy used and wasted and not having to change any light bulbs for the past six months has been fab! Never buying anything but LED now.

Number 2: A bit of a cheat I know as technically I didn’t buy it but I would buy it again is the nursery hydroponics kit. This has totally transformed my thinking about growing in the winter months and being able to eat salad leaves all year round. Magic!

Number 1: Drum roll…the best bit of kit and the ones we use the most are the cooking ones. I bought two medium and one large SENSUELL pans with the STABIL steamer insert. Absolutely amazing: can now cook lots of pasta (normal and gluten free) in the same pan or cook the carrots then add the broccoli to cook in the same water 5 minutes later in the steamer. Brilliant!

What will I do next?

  • Carry on…
  • I plan to keep the momentum going and trying to introduce the principles with everything I do and we do as a family, as well as passing on the message with the courses I write and deliver for Leicestershire County Council.
  • I will continue to write a blog on my experiences.
  • Carry on decluttering, upcycling, reusing and repurposing items we have already.
  • I am currently studying ‘Our hungry planet’ a free course via and would love to study a course on Sustainability or similar.
  • Look for some funding within the local area/district council to run a course for local people in areas of deprivation or in a school in a similar area.
  • I would love to carry on the project in some form or another…so count me in!

Who would I recommend the project too?

  • Everyone…
  • Family, friends, work colleagues
  • Anyone I teach
  • Schools/ Children’s Centres/ Community Houses/ Housing Associations
  • Teenagers – now there is a challenge!
  • Anyone…

All that is left to say is thank you for the opportunity and wishing you all the success for the future. #Live LAGOM

Yours sincerely


The Smart Family


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